Lunch at Scout’s Honor

I’ve been hearing about this store in Hole in the Wall in Century City Mall called Scout’s Honor but I never really have the chance to visit and try their food.  For what I’ve heard, they are popular with their cookies. Now that the Scout Honor recently open a branch in Uptown Mall, at last, […]

What is your Milk Tea?

Who says that uso is limited to fashion only?  We might not see it but food, even drinks, are becoming uso as well. Back in the days, do we still remember the pearl shake of Orbitz and Zagu?  After that, Starbucks dominates Frappes and now, we live on “milk tea era.” Wherever you go, you […]

Supremo Redux

Way back 2013, Philippine Stagers Foundation (PSF) presented “Bonifacio: Isang Sarzuela” aiming to educate the younger generation not just the heroism of Andres Bonifacio but the fact that he is supposed to be the first president of the Philippines and how he died in the hands of his fellow countrymen. The objective of this musical […]


Empire East Cares, the corporate social responsibility arm of Empire East, once again return to New Little Baguio Elementary School at Santa Maria, Laguna to set up a library for elementary pupils through the event “Get READy: A generation that READS is a generation that LEADS”. With combined efforts and fund from Empire East employees, […]

Binge Watching?

Most people knows that I don’t like watching local television shows.  No offensement but I really find most of their contents very shallow. Nothing new, nothing significant, nothing creative!   Most of my time is spent with Netflix but I don’t just box myself with Netflix because there are alot good series especially on ABC.   […]