Food Trip on ECQ

Still bored at home? We are almost half-way of our Enhanced Community Quarantine now and I am sure that many of us very very much eager now to go out and return to their normal routine. Sadly, as of now, we still have to stay home for two more weeks. It is for our own […]


Two years ago, I made this Facebook post after I watch the season 1 finale of Elite.  Back then, I know that this show will be great so it instantly became one of my favorites. Each of the character has their own “characters” and no one is left behind.  Season 1 poster  […]

NETFLIX of the 90’s

Guess who is back on blogging business! Well, since many of us are working from home, I really wonder why and how come some people are complaining they are bored when as a matter of fact, they are supposed to be working. Just a change in venue: from office to home. Isn’t it “work-from-home” means? […]

Japan Japan :)

It’s a holiday today! Recently I have been so focused on work that I do not have much time to write.  I must admit, I miss writing and since today is a no-work day, grabbing the opportunity to write something. Sometimes, the hardest part of writing is choosing a topic. What to write?  Why write?  I remember […]

Hello, Love, Goodbye

It’s been a while since my last post. I was so preoccupied with other stuff and I already miss writing so here it is. Since I got a free day yesterday, I took advantage of it by watching “Hello, Love, Goodbye.” I was hesitant at first as I am not a fan of love stories and I […]

Quezon’s Game

Before watching the movie, I asked myself, who is Manuel Quezon and I got only two answers: the guy at twenty peso bill and the Philippine president under Commonwealth era. Little do most people know about me, I was once connected to a theater company aiming to educate today’s generation through theater arts. The Company […]

The California Garden Square Lifestyle

Most of us wanted to have a home where everything is right within our reach.  That is normal!  I mean, we spend so much time and energy on our work or studies during weekdays, and we just want to be relaxed and comfortable in our home. While I was living with my parents, I really […]