It was my second time to attend Blogger’s United Bazaar. First was at last June at Whitespace in Makati with my friend Jazz, who actually invited me to go there. World Trade Center Tent is much better venue compared with Whitespace in terms of space and ventilation. They had a very limited space at Whitespace […]

Venture Capital Cafe

Wanna know where is the hippest place to make tambay in Makati? Forget Starbucks of Coffee Bean or any popular coffee shops. I discovered something today… Lies in HV Dela Costa Street in Makati is Venture Capital Cafe or simply VC Cafe. But what makes this coffee shop hip? Let me share that to you […]

The Greatest Showman Soundtrack

After the success of “Les Miserables” last 2015, if I’m not mistaken, Hugh Jackman is back for another musical billed as “The Greatest Showman” with Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, Zendaya, Keala Settle. The movie, considering it is a musical, is really good but what makes it great is the songs.  One way or another, we […]

Fantaserye Reigns

Fantaserye, local TV series with fantasy, became a hit nowadays because it breaks the usual dramas on TV. You can watch superheroes, magic, or anything out of this world with a very nice visual effects. Stories maybe still a little dramatic but there is a twist on it. Here I listed down some fantaserye I […]

The Rise of Teleseryes

Are you usually at home by 7PM during week days? Let me guess, you are watching teleserye on local television! C’mon, don’t be shy! I cannot blame you. You have literally no option but to watch those during those time slots unless, you have cable subscription. I remember back in college, I think on Broadcast […]

Pinoy movies be like…

I know a lot of local Pinoy films are being shown in cinemas but these I guess are the quality films of my generation. No need for introduction. The titles will speak for themselves. Currently its the end of my thinking skills. Might add more soon. Please feel free to suggest if I forgot something

‘Cruise’ on Glorietta 3

I’ll be honest on this post by saying that I have some trust issues with people selling online. Most of the time, the pictures that they post online looks very nice but seeing it in person is a different story. I don’t generalize online sellers but I just have few instances of being disappointed with […]