Solo Traveller’s Guardian Angel

Some people find it strange to know that you travel solo.  They say that it is much fun to have company of great people and it is more safe especially if you are not much familiar on place you are going to.

As for me, travelling solo is an awesome experience!  You have no one to consider where and when to go, what, where and when to eat, when and where to rest and a lot lot more.  Basically all you have to do is to decide for yourself alone.

But honestly, in contraty, travelling solo will also give you the burder as to who will take your pictures.  There are two solutions for that:  one is to ask someone (a stranger definitely) to take the picture.  If you’re overseas, better to look for kababayan (just wait for them to speak and listen attentively as to who will speak Tagalog) because more than anyone else, they understand how important it is to capture that perfect instagram-able shot.

Second, invest on a tripod.  Other people only have monopod or selfie stick, as they call it, but, for me at least, it only capture limited angle and mostly, only your face and little of background. 

Having tripod nowadays is a good investment especially if you want to have likes on your Facebook and Instagram post.  There are now handy tripods and even tripods for your mobile phone, if you are like me who use mobile phones to take picture.

So withour futher ado, presenting my guardian angel when I visited Singapore recently! 

This tripod is approximately 8-9 inches only but its definitely a small but terrible! All you have to do is to set on your desired angle (and don’t foget to know where you should stand) and you can either use timer-mode of your camera or use a shutter then run, pose and smile!

Here are some of the products of this tripod paired with my Iphone 6s plus:

Taken at one of the MRT stations

Taken at Clarke Quay

Taken at ION Orchard

Taken at Gardens by the Bay

Taken at The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands

Taken at Resorts World Sentosa

Taken at Sentosa Island

Taken at Universal Studio Singapore

So what are you waiting for? Grab that tripod now to make the most out of your solo trip. There’s a lot of online sellers and mobile phone accessories selling tripods at very affordable price. 


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