Beauty and the Beast 

I am not fond of fairy tales when I was a kid and I never watched any Beauty and the Beast movie before. All I know about it is a girl who fell in love with a beast. I don’t even know why is she on Beast’s castle at the first place. And there is a cup, candlestand, and clock who has life. I also don’t know why they have life. I though, like Cinderella, a fairy god mother or somebody else gave them life.

In ABC’s “Once Upon A Time”, there is the character of Belle and the Beast (also know as Rumplestiltskin in their version). There, Belle is a princess and Beast wants to invade their kingdom and in order to keep their kingdom at peace, Belle sacrificed herself to become slave of Beast and there they fell in love with one another.

Watching Beauty and the Beast for the first time is like being a kid again. Emma Watson is perfect for the role of Belle because anybody will definitely fall in love with her angelic and innocent face and it suits Belle’s character of being ordinary province girl.  

LeFou (Gaston’s apprentice) is very annoying but if the character is really annoying then he portayed it good.  

As to Beast, I was expecting that he is be a more manly prince (like Christian Grey) but since it is a fairy tale afterall, so expect a young cutiepie prince.

On the scene that Belle (in yellow dress) and Beast danced, I was expecting more kilig moments. I was expecting Ms. Potts will sing the whole “Beauty and the Beast” song while they are dancing. Nevertheless, that scene will still make you smile and hope that you’re the one dancing.

Overall, I enjoyed this movie and I did not look on my watch while watching it. Regardless of your age, you will still feel how magical and classic this story is.

PS: I did not even watch its trailer prior to watching the film so I really don’t have an idea about it. I just listened and watched couple of times Ariana Grande and John Legend on its music video.


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