Power Rangers

I grew up idolizing Power Rangers so it is expected that I am one of those who are very much excited to see its new movie. I was expecting my entire childhood nostaglia while watching this new movie. From thousand peso worth of action figure toys and robots to shirts to bags to notebooks, yes I had those when I was a kid. And of course, every eposide of its TV series is a must watch. Somehow I can say I am a geek when it comes to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and I guess, everyone of my age will understand why without a need for any explanation.

After watching this new Power Rangers movie, I really felt sad and disappointed because of these:

1995 costume might be really simple and not robotic but it looks nicer compared to the new costume. I find the new costume very exaggerated that you cannot appreciate their designs anymore. It looks like metal junk, no details or design.

Original Power Rangers costume with Green Ranger
Original Power Rangers costume with White Ranger
Power Rangers 2017 costume


Power Rangers with the weapons

I never saw this in the movie. Well, I think because this movie focused on personality and background of the Power Rangers before they became the heroes they’ve become. Don’t expect action packed battles, expect drama instead.

Power Rangers in their Battle Bikes
Power Rangers Weapons combined


Just like Power Rangers, Rita Repulsa had a major transformation. From being a mid-aged lady to a young warrior, Rita seems to represent Green Ranger in this movie. 

Rita Repulsa Now and Then

On the original Power Ranger, Rita influenced Tommy with her evil ideas and made his the Green Ranger but in this movie, she seems to enbody Green Ranger herself.

Green Ranger

And since there is no Green Ranger, expect no White Ranger as well.

White Ranger

I also miss Rita Repulsa’s troop and of course Lord Zord, one of the major villain in the original Power Rangers

Rita Repulsa and company
Lord Zedd


The movie has no emphasis on Dinozords. Originally, it is Tyrannosauraus for Red Ranger, Mastodon for Black Ranger, Triceratops for Blue Ranger, Saber-toothed Tiger for Yellow Ranger and Pterodactyl for Pink Ranger.


In this movie, these Dinozords just looks like machines with totally no distinct characteristic to differentiate one from the other.  

Green Ranger’s Dragonzord
White Ranger’s Tigerzord


Megazord, the fighting robot, has 2 modes: Battle Mode and Tank Mode. 

Megazord in Battle Mode

The five Dinozords will be combined to form Megazord and each of Dinozord represent body part of the Megazord.

Megazord in Tank Mode

In the movie, there is Megazord but they did not showed how it was formed. They just showed the five Dinozords fell from the cliff and it instantly became Megazord.

Again, Megazord looks like an ordinary futuristic robot with totally no character at all. 


Power Rangers Dome

In the original series, they have this dome as their base and they can teleport going there. They don’t need to run, jump off a cliff and swim just to get there as what the movie showed


The Morphers

Originally, Power Rangers tansform themselves using Morpher. This was also missing in the movie. The movie showed us that they can morph by just embracing the heroes within them.

Yellow Ranger Morphing


Zordon originally is like a hologram inside a tube and not a computer matrix. 


Alpha 5 is the only thing I like in this movie. I really miss his “ay yay yay” expression. Making him futuristic made him better.

Alpha 5


Does this movie don’t have enough budget that they have to let Krispy Kreme turned their movie into an advertisement? I love Krispy Kreme but I don’t like seeing Rita Repulsa eating Original Glazed dougnuts.

In general, I find the movie good enough but it is Power Rangers no more.


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