The Flash Duets with Supergirl

Watching superheroes like The Flash and Supergirl always goes with alien or meta-human action-packed episodes but the recent episode of The Flash, where Supergirl crossed over, broke the monotonous fight scenes and replace it with musical!

Well, both Grant Gustin (The Flash) and Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) are part of musical series Glee where they played Sebastian and Marley respectively and this episode is like a mini Glee reunion as Darren Criss, who played Blaine in Glee, plays as the Music Meister who trapped The Flash and Supergirl in the subconcious musical mind.

Grant Gustin as Sebastian in Glee and The Flash

Melissa Benoist as Marley in Glee and Supergirl

Darren Criss as Blaine in Glee and Music Meister

Expect both Grant and Melissa sings in this episode. Actually not just them because Jesse Martin aka Detective Joe West and the two science geeks Jeremy Jordan aka Winn and Carlos Valdes aka Cisco Ramon also sings.

Detective Joe West – Winn Schott – Cisco Ramon

Plus plus plus, Victor Garber, who plays the physicist Martin Stein who is also the half persona of Firestorm in The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow and John Barrowman who plays Malcolm Merlin, the former leader of League of Assasins in Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow also sings.

Martin Stein – Malcolm Merlin

This episode indeed brings The Flash and Supergirl a new twist because they just don’t kill, chase and fight, but sings as well.


One thought on “The Flash Duets with Supergirl

  1. Hahaha! Very timely as me and the missus just saw this last night on Kodi Exodus! Didn’t know Supergirl was on Glee too.. Must’ve been the season when I stopped watching them altogether…hahaha

    The episode was non-canonical. It just sped things up like the renewed love between two protagonists and their love interests, Iris and Mon-El. For me, I just loved that Music Meister is not a villain/metahuman. A cupid perhap? Well, it’s over. Back to regular viewing!

    Thanks for this! đź‘Ť

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