A Piece of Cebu in Makati

Cebu is known for its very tasty lechon. Unlike lechons from other areas, you don’t need any condiments to flavor up your lechon. It is yummy as it is!

One of Cebu’s popular lechon house Zubuchon just recently open a branch in Makati.

People are now going ga-ga over this new lechon house especially those Makati yuppies who no longer need to fly to Cebu just to experience their very popular lechon.

Interior is simple but very nice. They have ample parking area so no need to worry as to where to park. The location of their store is very accessible also.

As to the food, lechon is great. Plus try their monggo lechon, it is one of the best.

They are also selling some chicharon, peanuts and other Cebu products.

You can also buy frozen lechon if you wish to try it at home.

Just a tip, if you are coming here for lunch especially during weekdays, be early to avoid long queue for the table.

You can visit them at Talisat Street, Makati City from 10AM to 10PM.


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