Lava Cheese Tart

Anybody tried Lava Cheese Tart? This is proudly Pinoy cheese tart is made of 3 local kinds of cheese and a cheese imported from France mixed together on a tasty crust and baked until golden brown. For those who already tried this, they will definitely agree that this is Manila’s best cheese tart.

Would you agree?

Recently, they open a kiosk in SM North Edsa with a very catchy interior of red metallic bars with drop light decoration. It is very simple yet catchy. Visit them at Main Mall near Cinema

You can try their tart for just 80 pesos per piece and they also have a box of 3 and 6 at 240 pesos and 450 pesos respectively. You can also try their exotic, locally blended coffee averaging to 100 pesos only to compliment your cheese tart.


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