50’s Diner

Aside from its very cold weather and beautiful sceneries, one reasons why I love Baguio City is their food. There are lot of restaurants where you can only find in Baguio and as to my favorite, here is it: 50’s Diner!

50’s Diner has two branches located in Military Cutoff and in Leonard Woods. And I heard that they open new branches but I am not so sure about it.

Reasons why I love 50’s Diner

1. The Food

This is obvious but let me share some plates I already tried:


A plate of fried chicken, fish fillet, steak, pork chop and hotdog served with rice and mixed vegetable. All meat lovers will definitely love this  because everything is here: pork, chicken, beef and fish

Full House

Deep-fried wrapped mango, cucumber and crabstick with 2 very big buffalo wings served with baked macaroni.

Gangsta Gangsta

Grilled pork chop and fried chicken with chicken roll, mixed vegetables and served with rice and egg.

Boneless Bangus

Grilled deboned bangus served with rice and ensalada (Pinoy salad).

One good thing also about their food is that it is very affordable. Their usual plate, with the above servings ranges only 150-220 pesos. It can also be good for sharing depending on your appetite.

2. The Interior

50’s is known as the golden era! From fashion to movies to music to everything, this era is very vintage yet classical.  So having this as your ambiance while dining makes you wanna be Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe

3. The Vintage Car

I am not much inclined with cars but this vintage car parked infront of 50’s Diner is like an official photowall of the restautant.

So on your next Baguio visit, make to include 50’s Diner on your itinerary


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