Baker’s Hill

Palawan is popular for its cashew nuts. They say, out of all cashew nuts in the Philippines, Palawan’s is the best. Well, I believe its true. I tried how delicious their cashew nuts and I could agree with that. No wonder why most tourist bought it as pasalubong.

Aside from Cashew Nuts, I discovered an equally delicous pasalubong from Palawan. It’s none other that Baker’s Hill Hopiang Ube. I must admit that Hopiang Ube is my favorite especially the one being sold to a popular Chinese bakeshop. However, Baker’s Hill is indeed a yummy one. From its sweet purple yum filling to its savory pie, this really made you forget your diet.

This hopiang ube is being sold on a box of 10 pieces for just 45 pesos. There are also other flavors to choose from: original, monggo and baboy and it you can also choose if you want the one made with vegetable oil or pork oil.

Aside from hopia, Baker’s Hill also sell other breads and pastries at very affordable price. Truly perfect as pasalubong!

If you get tried from buying all those pasalubong, you can maximize your visit by talking pictures in the area. They have really nice gardens where you can take your instagrammable shots.

If you have kids or you want to unleash the kid in you, no need to worry as they also have playground in th area.  

Baker’s Hill is located Mitra Road, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. If you are travelling in big group, you can rent passenger jeepney to bring you there just like what we did.


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