Once upon a time, there are two artists named Mike and Kaye who fell in love with one another. Tales about their love story will not be narrated here but instead, this will focus about their lovely wedding.

Mike and Kaye on their prenup picture
Art is the creative expression of one’s ideas so if two people who are very much inclined in arts tie a knot, it is expected that their wedding is not the typical fairy tale wedding. To give you proof of that, here are some of the very unique and creative ideas that you might not see on any other weddings:
1. The Invitation

It is my first time to see a wedding invitation written in Filipino and the words used are the typical words we speaks on daily basis; no formality, no flowery words, just what they want to say.

The Invitation

Also, names of the entourage, even principal sponsors are not in full names. Instead, they are written on how they really address those persons like tito, tita, lolo, ninang etc. For me, it made the invitation more sincere, you really don’t call those people Mr. or Mrs. and seeing how you really address them on the wedding invitation adds more personal impact.

The Wedding Entourage

2. Attire: The Bohemian Ladies and Hipster Men

Most of the time when we attend weddings, we choose to wear something formal, something nice or something presentable. But in this wedding, you can freely wear a maxi dress paired with boots and flower crown or get your long sleeves with bow tie and suspender.

The Bride with the female members of entourage

Wait, I must not forget to mention that all men in the wedding entourage are required to have beard. Yes, required.

The Groom with the male members of the entourage

3. The Ceremony

The wedding had two ceremonies, inside the church and in a garden. The church wedding, held on a vintage church in Tagaytay City, is very solemn while the garden wedding is very spontaneous.  

The Bride as she enter the church
The Couple as they march for the Garden Wedding

4. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Stuffs

Since they know how to execute things, they themselves made some accessories for the wedding. From the wedding invites to the bridal bouquet to photo booth to stage design to garden signage to table set-up, everything was made by the couples themselves.

The Bride’s Bouquet made of felt paper
Photo Booth 1 – Vertical Garden decorated with the couple’s pictures
Photo Booth 2 – wooden walls accessorized with dreamcatcher
Photo Booth 3 – wooden crates with hanging dreamcather
The stage set-up for the reception – preparation supervised by the groom himself
Garden Signages
Table set-up for the reception dinner
Table Set-up

5. Booze

Of course, all parties need to have something to drink to make it more enjoyable. Don’t worry, drinks is not made by the couple themselves but it is presented on a creative way.  

The Booze – just pick your choice
Stronger Booze – Jack Daniels with Coke served on another do-it-yourself dispenser

To all the couples out there who are planning their wedding, hope this helps you.

Mike and Kaye sa wakas
The kiss after the church wedding ceremony

Before I forget, and they live happily ever after!


10 thoughts on “MMxKB

  1. This is a new and creative spin on the “traditional” wedding. I love that they added their own personal touches to their special day, really allowed you to connect with them and the=is was just by the photos you included so I can just imagine the actual day. Today modern weddings tend to move away from the love and the individuals and focus on things. I love this post….thanks for sharing!

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  2. I absolutely LOVE everything about this!!! Everything about this wedding looks like a dream! I love how creative and unique it all is! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

    Liked by 1 person

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