Scandal’s Mercy

Your heart will pound very hard while watching this episode of Scandal. I can say that this is one of the most stressful episodes they ever had.

Started with Liv and Fitz on the bed and how a situation emerged at the White House in order for them to make a plan to handle Peus. But who is Peus? Why he wants to run the Oval? Who is Marjorie? What do they want? Why are they pulling strings? What group they are into? Who is behind them? Hopefully these questions will be answered soon. I am very much eager to know.

Expect powerful scenes with Mellie Grant, Abby Whelan, David Rosen, Cyrus Beene, Marcus Walker, Jake Ballard, Rowan Pope with Huck, Charlie and Quinn and of course Fitz Grant and Olivia Pope. Expect also a twist about Luna Vargas, Frankie Vargas’ widow. Oh I almost forgot, Peus and Marjorie are still pain the ass.

Brace yourself for 41 minutes!


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