Cake Draft Cafe

I’ve been seeing this cafe in Instagram posts few months already but at first, I did not intended to visit since its location is not so accessible from mine. But when I was at Antipolo City yesterday, I saw the store along the street so I decided to visit and try.

We came almost 9PM and sadly, they are about to close already, but the staffs are very accomodating to extend their operating hours for us. Thank you very much for that!

Which to order?

So we saw few cakes on their display and I don’t have any idea what to order because everything looks so good. The staff suggested Chocolate Mud Slide cake as it is their best seller. I listened to her suggestion and yes it is very good.  

Chocolate Mud Slide Cake

The cake slice is very good and good enough for two. Also, it is very affordable considering the serving size.

We wanted also to try their drinks but since they about to close, we got a little shy to order for once. It will take time to prepare and to consume nevertheless, their drinks seems promising. Hopefully to try it the next time I visit Antipolo.

Aside from the food, they also got a very nice interior. Every wall has inspirational words

And this wall is my favorite.

Cake Draft Cafe is located along the main road of Antipolo City and few steps away from the famous Antipolo Church.


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