Three Reasons to Fall in Love with Luljetta’s Hanging Garden Spa

I’ve always been very curious about this place because of the reviews I read from various travel blogs. The location is kinda far from my place so I got a little hesitation to visit but when a long holiday was declared in Metro Manila, the first thing that came to my mind is this place. 

The Entrance
I found their official website through Bienvenido Travel and Tours and called to make a reservation. The booking officer asked for some details and asked me to deposit payment on their bank account to finalize the booking. As easy as that.

So on the day of my visit, I got very surprised on how good the place is. Here are three things that I love about Luljetta’s

1. Relaxing Amenities 

Upon checking in at the reception, they will ask you to go to the locker room to leave your personal stuff. Towels, batik (traditional Filipino robe) and a basket for handy stuff will be provided.

Mini Infinity Pool

We first tried their mini infinity pool because it was empty then. The water is a little hot and it adds to its more relaxing feeling. It has a view of Antipolo mountains but it was covered by net for security and cleanliness reasons I supposed.

Mini Infinity Pool

After that, we tried the heated jacuzzi however water was too hot because it was noon so we just decided to come back on a late afternoon.

Heated Jacuzzi

We also tried their sauna and it was nice. There is also a cold cucumber-lemon water everywhere if you need some quencher.

Sauna Area

Next, we tried the hydro-massage pool. There is a shower area plus the pool is not deep for you to enjoy the view, water, and sun at the same time. There is also this rain-type area where you can lay down and enjoy the water as it falls on your body. 
Hydro Massage Pool

We also tried Dr. Fish Spa. 

Dr. Fish Spa

There is this Buddha Lounge also where you can find some traditional Filipino couches to rest and relax plus it has a good view of the infinity pool and Antipolo mountains.
Buddha Lounge
View from the Buddha Lounge

Before going to the main attraction, we went to Movie Lounge. It is an indoor amenity where you can watch a movie while seated on a very cozy couch.
The Movie Lounge

When we were there, they are playing John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo’s “A Second Chance”, such an iconic movie. I believe guests can choose what movie they want to watch and there is an attendant who assists into the lounge.
Finally, we dipped into the infinity pool. There are two elephant statues on both sides to add more aesthetics on the place. This is the main attraction of the place.  
Infinity Pool with their signature elephant statue

2. Delicious Food 
Our package comes with a four course set meal and it can be served whenever you want.  
Four Course Meal

Their creamy mushroom soup is so nice and not the typical one. The garden salad with vinaigrette is so delicious and fresh. Seems the ingredients used are organic so it tastes really nice.
For pasta, you can choose between herb tomato pasta and creamy seafood carbonara. Both are really good but I like carbonara more.
For the dessert, choco mousse was served and their lemongrass iced tea is really nice. 
They are serving a complimentary suman, which everybody says really good but it was out of stock when we went there. I was really disappointed because the suman is one of the reasons why I want to visit Luljetta’s. They just served us with banana walnut cake instead and another glass of lemongrass iced tea.
3. Amazing View 

The place is very quiet and relaxing. A lot of trees within the area to give shade. 

Antipolo Mountains – your view while on the infinity pool

When you are already in the infinity pool, you can perfectly enjoy the view of Antipolo mountains plus sunset. Better be here before sunset to get a spot for a very nice picture.
By the sunset

If you are having a dilemma as to who will take your pictures, don’t be shy to ask other guests’ help and for sure they will also ask you to take a picture for them in return.

Luljetta’s Hanging Garden Spa is located in Antipolo City, just an hour away from the city. From Cubao in Quezon City, you can take a van from Farmer’s Plaza to Antipolo Church (50 pesos) and tricycle (80 pesos) to Loreland. Luljetta’s is located inside Loreland.
After enjoying this spa, you can also visit the famous Antipolo Church and ask for more blessing or give thanks for all the blessings you already received.

Antipolo Church

Surely, this place is worth visiting is you want to escape the city’s toxic and be rejuvenated.


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