No place like home…

Malabon City is a small city somewhere north of Metro Manila and is known to be a flooded area. Many people have negative impressions about this place but on contrary, this City is great and very promising.
For someone like me who grew up here, I saw how Malabon emerged as a city from being a municipality. Roads and drainage system is very much improved so flood, may not be totally avoided yet, but significantly reduced. Not to mention that there are lot of great food and restaurant here. Try to google “Judy Ann Crispy Pata.”

I’ve been working in Makati for seven years now and I have to travel for one to two hours daily just to be at the office and another one to two hours just to get home. It was okay since I already got used to it and I just have to take a UV Express van directly to Makati.

Things starting to change recently to the point that I have decided now to rent a place of my own in Makati for more convenience. Somehow, daily travel time can be endured but there are more personal reasons behind this that I’m not comfortable to share here anymore. Also, the Company I am working for will move to Bonifacio Uptown by the end of the year or probably early next year. Its somehow difficult to commute going there from Malabon.

I’m starting to feel sad now since this place is home for me. Seperation anxiety as they may call it. Well, I haven’t moved out yet and still have a week to be here but the idea of leaving, moving out and starting life independently somehow saddens me. What more if I am already on my new place? Home sick probably.

Giving a better situation probably, I don’t want to leave Malabon but seems life has a surprise for me. I know for myself that this day will eventually come but I really did not expected this to be this fast. I hope things will be better and I can survive this.


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