Power of Email

Email nowadays becomes one of the most powerful means of communication. On one of the studies conducted last 2015, there are around 205 billion emails sent and received daily so imagine how powerful emails can be and how many people it reaches.

Almost all of us sends and receives emails every day and let’s admit that some emails are annoying and some are really not interesting. Sometimes we even delete emails that we are not interested with without even opening it especially if it is promotional items. Can anyone relate to this?

Many Marketing professionals maximize emails not just to communicate to clients or suppliers but also to promote their products and services. Let us be honest, do we appreciate this emails? Or are we even open and read those kinds of emails. Here are some tips and suggestions on how your emails look interesting to the recipients:

1. Make subject line interesting

Regardless of how interesting the content, subject line gives the first impressions. Having a short yet catchy subject lines can help a client to decide whether they will open your email or delete it without even read the content.

To make subject line more interesting, some uses these keywords:

a. Free – Is there anyone who doesn’t like free stuff?

b. Tomorrow – This gives the recipients sense of urgency.

c. Numbered list – Some recipients are busy so having numbered list can help them determine as to how long they will spend on reading your email.

d. Questions – This gives client the sense of intrigue

Never ever leave subject line blank as the recipient will definitely disregard your email. They might even suspect that it is a virus or a spam message. Also, do not use very long subject as some words will automatically be hidden and only “…” will appear.

Here are sample of emails with long subject lines

2. Use To, CC and BCC properly

Proper use of TO, CC and BCC matters. If you are sending directly to a specific address, use TO and if you want, say include your manager or colleagues in the conversation for their reference, you can include them on CC. 

TO and CC are both properly used

If you are sending invitations and proposals to various email addresses, better use BCC. It conceals all the addresses in the thread and gives the recipient a more personalized impression plus it protects the privacy of other addresses in the thread.

Imagine how annoying it is to see all these email addresses

Also, if you bcc email address, they will not receive responses in case one recipient accidentally “reply to all”.

3. Make the content simple and direct

In business writing, always assume that the readers are busy persons so always make your text as brief as possible but make sure that all details or information needed are there. Use also very simple English as if you and your reader are in grade school. No need for flowery or technical words.


Writing direct message sometimes gives a not-so-good impression to the reader so better watch your tone. Be direct to the message but make sure you are not too authoritative or bossy. Always be courteous and use the words ‘please” or ‘kindly’

Which is better content?


Use of words is very important because it gives the impression of how sincere you are. Again, just use very simple words and as much as possible avoid too technical terms. Do not also include words just to make the sentence long. 


If you attach something, make sure it is the correct file and make you it is properly attached. Attaching wrong files may confuse the reader and can put you at risk of spoiling other information to the recipient. Also, make sure that the attached file is compatible and readable by the recipient. Sending pdf files is very advisable because it is not editable and it is compatible on most laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

If attaching jpeg or other pictures files, as much as possible send in smaller files because, let’s accept if, the Philippines has slow internet connection.

Always remember to never ever leave content blank if you will just send a file via email. You can at least tell to check the attached file rather than leaving it blank.

Never leave it blank
Also, make sure to use proper file names on the attached file.

4. Be careful in sending pictures and links

It is alright to send or insert pictures on your emails but make sure if is in a small file to avoid that blank white screen while downloading your picture. Also take note that if you insert many pictures or link, the tendency is that the email goes to the SPAM folder and not the Inbox. There is a risk that the recipient might not see your email.

This might be at SPAM folder.

This is how your email look if you have big jpeg files and slow internet connection

5. Use “Call to Action”

Congratulations! The reader is interested in your content so what now? What is the next thing to do? Be sure to include a call to action; indicate if client should call you or if you will be the one to call the client or you they can just reply to the email or they have to send resume (if it is job offer) or you have to meet them personally or how can they confirm. Just be specific on what you what to happen next after reading the email. There is no such obvious thing.

6. Include contact details

Make sure to indicate your contact details at the end of the emails. Take note an average people only check emails once every day so if you just keep on exchanging emails, the tendency is that they can read your reply by tomorrow already. By that time, they might be no longer interested in your email or the worst, they already forgot it.

7. If needed, use email trackers

Do you know that there are applications that you can use to know if the recipient already read your email but they did not reply (also known as seenzoned)? Yes, for example, Mail Tracker! Once the email is opened by the recipient, there will be a mark on sender’s sent items indicating that the particular email is being read already. It can help you monitor if your emails but on a negative side, if the recipient is aware with this trackers, they will know that you are monitoring the email and it gives a negative impression concerning their privacy. So use this only when needed.

Hopefully, these tips can help you improve the way you send emails. Remember that it is not just about sending emails, what matters most is if the recipient even cares to open and read your email. 


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