Don’t Be Like Hannah Baker

Is there anyone who watched Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’? It is a story of Hannah Baker, a typical girl who took her own life but she left 13 cassette tapes where she narrates reasons why she commits suicide. Each tape tells a story of a particular person in her life and what they did to her that caused her to take her own life.
Basically, Hannah was bullied and abused in different ways and she has no one to talk to.

Her story might be a little strange for some but it really happens. Let me share my own experience of being bullied.

I was a freshman in high school then when my classmates bullied me. I don’t know why but they always made fun of me. The way the look at me, the way they smiled and how they talked to me says something; something louder than what you really hear and honestly, it sucks!

You will come to the point that going to school was like a punishment because they will just be embarrassed or they will just laugh at you. Ideally, you will think that I should have told the teachers of what was going on but it was not that easy then. Somehow your grades and school performance were affected by this but little they know that it can cause more effects to the person eventually.

Some people might think that it happened because of the immaturity of some students in school or it was just the nature of a typical teenager but sadly, this cause the person bullied trauma that will affect his lifetime maybe. Some have the tendency to have low self-esteem or they get insecure with so many things around them.

With Hannah Baker’s story, though it was just a fiction, I hope that people especially school administrations might be more sensitive to the needs of their students and hopefully there will no more “Hannah Baker.”

Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker

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