Grab-Uber or Uber-Grab

We all have our own stories about commuting in Manila. Some may be good but some are not so good. Most mass transportation is ineffective or major roads are always congested with traffic. You will come to the point that commuting itself is the most challenging part of your day.

This situation triggers the booming of Transportation Network Vehicle Services (TNVS) and two major players are Uber and Grab. Initially, some government agencies and taxi drivers didn’t like the idea of this business as this affect other means of transportation, especially taxi. Well, we cannot blame people for choosing TNVS than a taxi because most of the taxi drivers demand higher fare than what is on the meter or they ask you to add a certain amount on top of your metered fare or they are very choosy in terms of your destination.
So whether they like it or not, these TNVS are now in the market and very in-demand.  

With this, let us scrutiny which is better TNVS. Let us compare two major players: Uber and Grab in terms of various aspects

PRICE – Uber gave more affordable rate than Grab. Sometimes Grab is 50%-70% more expensive than Uber.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – Uber has better customer service than Grab. If you have complained or have an inquiry regarding your trip, just give Uber few minutes or sometimes few hours to fix and you will receive your feedback. Unlike with Grab, your complaint is as good as forgetting and moving on.

PROMO – Since Grab is more expensive than Uber, they usually give a promo to their passengers to at least be at the same price of Uber. Most of the time they give 20% to 50% discount with a maximum of 100-200 pesos deduction.

VEHICLE – Well, both of them has the same quality of cars so either of the two is good.

AVAILABILITY – Personally, I find Uber more convenient in terms of availability. There are times that Grab don’t have an available vehicle.

DRIVER’s ATTITUDE – Of course, this is no longer controlled by the company but it still reflects the service they give to customers. For me, Uber’s partner-drivers are more professional than Grab’s in terms of how they serve the passengers. For instance, when you book on Uber, the driver doesn’t see your destination. It will only appear once they already accepted the trip and they will still drive for you regardless of your destination. With Grab, they can see your destination as soon as you request so they have the option to accept your trip or not. And when they accept, many drivers from Grab also give a ton of reasons just for you to cancel the trip because they don’t like your destination and they just accepted the trip just for the reason they accepted it.

MEANS OF CONTACT THE DRIVER – Grab has its own online messaging feature on the app so you no longer need to call or text the driver, you can maximize this feature. Also, it gives protection to the drivers as their mobile numbers are not exposed to their passengers.  

If you use Uber, they will give you the option to call or text the driver by giving you their mobile number.

PICK-UP – For me it is Uber. If you book Uber from a mall, the app will give you an option as to which particular area you wish to be picked up. It is expected that there are many entrances and exits in the mall so knowing the exact pickup point will help the driver to easily reach your location. No need for further explanations to drivers.

Personally, I enjoy the convenience of these two apps and the points that I discussed earlier are just plainly my observations. I don’t have anything against anyone but I just want to point out the strengths and weaknesses of the two for their own improvement, of course.


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