Manila is known for its humid weather. Temperature is very hot especially on the afternoon. There are times that you start to sweat even if you just finished your shower. Crazy isn’t it? That is how hot Manila is.

So in oder to survive this kind of weather, I got two tips for you: wear something light and always get yourself refreshed.

Given this kind of weather, here’s my OOTD (outfit of the day): a white Mickey Mouse printed top and black jeans both from Uniqlo paired with Adidas’ Revenge Boost and accessorized with Black Glossy G-Shock watch. Just very basic combination as they say “less is more.”
To fight also the humidity, better get something to refresh yourself. Why not a cup of Dairy Queen? 

Good news to all DQ and Pepero lovers out there. Check out DQ’s Blizzard of the Month featuring LOTTE PEPERO. These blizzard comes in two flavors: Pepero Almond Chocolate and Pepero White Cookie Mango and it comes on 4 sizes: mini (59 pesos), regular (79 pesos), medium (99 pesos) and large (119 pesos).

I can assure you that both are really good so better get your’s now before its too late.


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