Pond’s Men Energy Charge

Have you felt the feeling that you are not totally confident about yourself? Let’s admit that sometimes our physical appearance is a big factor in boosting our self-confidence. If we think we look good, we are confident enough to do anything we want to do. For someone like me who is in the corporate world, the way you present yourself is very important as it most of the time gives the first impression about you. And take note that “first impression last.”

Yes, we do things to be presentable but things like stress, weather, and dirt can be harmful to our skin. It can make your skin look dull and stressed and we don’t like that. And worse, it can be a cause for pimples and oily face. Obviously, in any possible way, that is a big turn off.

Fortunately, I discovered POND’s MEN ENERGY CHARGE! It has double action formula that whitens my skin and at the same time refreshes it. With its coffee bean extract that stimulates the tired skin to make it look healthy and radiant plus cooling menthol to instantly refresh it.  

After a long day at work, I wash my face with POND’s MEN ENERGY CHARGE and I observe that my skin looks radiant and stress-free. I would really recommend this! After all, having a nice skin especially on the face is everything we want.


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