The Hybrid Bus

For the longest time, I’ve been seeing this hybrid bus in Makati going to C5 but I never had a chance to try this since I don’t usually go in that area. They say it is way better than the typical bus in Edsa.

But now that I transfer to a new place, a hybrid bus is now one of my transportation options going to the office. Actually, I’ve wanted to try this so when an opportunity arises, I grabbed it. I tried hybrid bus this morning to the office and I could agree that this is way better and modern than the usual bus we know in Edsa. Here are some of my observations that made hybrid bus better:

Loading Scheme

The bus has two doors: one near the driver and one on the middle portion. The door near the driver is for people who are riding the bus and if you will alight, you have to use the door in the middle portion.


Since it is rush hour, expect that many people will also take the bus but surprisingly, the temperature inside the bus is still cool despite that there are many passengers already. Their aircon system is really good.

Tap to Pay Option

If you have Beep Card for LRT and MRT rides, you can use your card to pay your fare. There are two tap machines inside the bus and you just have to tap your card so that payment will be deducted from your balance. On the other hand, for those you don’t have Beep Card, you can still pay in cash.

CCTV Camera

The whole bus is equipped with 4 CCTV cameras for the safety of its passengers. I just hope that all those cameras are active and functional.


Yes, you saw it right, with an S meaning there are two conductors assisting passengers inside the bus. They just don’t collect payments but they assist you to your seat or at least to give you a spot there you can stand comfortably. They are really nice and saying “good morning” which other doesn’t really do.


I really don’t know how economically this buses it, but I know that it partially uses diesel and electricity to operate.

Given this good reviews, I hope that hybrid bus will also be used all over Metro Manila. I was able to be at the office comfortably for just 25 pesos. I really agree that this is way better than the typical bus that we know. For now, here’s the route of hybrid bus


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