Game of Thrones – Best Scenes

I am not really a fan of foreign series especially of Game of Thrones but I have this friend who keeps on telling stories about it so I got a little interested.  So satisfy my curiosity, I tried to watch the first episode – the Stark family was there so as the Baratheon and it is true that the last scene of each episode will make you want to watch the next one.  How can I not watch the second episode when Bran Stark caught Cercei and Jamie doing something then he fell from the tower.  You don't know if he lives or dies.  Then from one episode to another episode and from one season to another season until now that it is on its few episodes left before the series finale.  Still, everybody is curious as to who will sit on the iron throne.  What will happen to Cersei? To Daenerys? Jon Snow? Sansa? Jamie? Tyrion? Arya?

Before we reach the finale, let me share some of my favorite scenes and episodes. I believe that these are also favorite of other fanatics.

•    The Red Wedding

I think everybody was shocked when Joffrey asked to behead Ned Stark.  Some of us thought that Rob Stark will take revenge for his father and for what had happened to their family.  But with this episode, they killed Rob Stark!

It was a wedding reception but ended up as the ambush of Rob Stark, T, and Caitlyn Stark.  I still remember the moment when they cut the throat of Caitlyn Stark!

•    Battle of the Bastards

I really hate that Ramsey Bolton and the way he treated Sansa Stark.  I guess that hate made him effective for his role.  So in this episode, there is a battle between Ramsey and Jon but Ramsey had the advantage in terms of troops.

Jon almost loses the war until Sansa arrived with Lord Baelish and his knights of the Vale.

With much revenge, Sansa killed Ramsey by feeding him to his dogs and Winterfell is now back to the Starks.

•    Mhysa

Daenerys freed the Yunkai slaves and they called and hailed her as Mhysa which means mother.

•    Arya on House Frey

Back at the Red Wedding, Arya was already outside House Frey when they assassinated Rob and Caitlyn Stark.  Since then, Walder Frey becomes a target for Arya Stark.

Now that she had s chance, she cut Frey's throat then poisoned everyone as a revenge for his brother and mother's death.

The North really remembers.

•    Dance of the Dragons

Daenerys had a difficulty in leading Meereen because of the rebels who don't like her. 

On one of Meereens traditional ceremony, rebels attack and almost capture Daenerys until the dragons save her.

•    Spoils of the War

HBO seems to be very upset with this leaked episode.  This really a great episode and this deserve a high rating.

I've been always waiting for Arya and Sansa reunion and it happens on this episode. Bran also went home to Winderfell.

Daenerys, on the other hand, was so upset with what happened to Dorne and High Garden so she attacked Jaime's troop with her Dothraki warriors.  Daenerys, who is riding on a dragon, burned all the Lannister army however her dragon got hurt.  With all her love and care of the dragon, she tried to pull off the spear in her dragon and Jaime saw an opportunity to kill her.  Dragon saved her and threw fire to Jaime but he was saved by Dickon Tully and they both fell adrift to water.

As of now, these are my favorite in Game of Thrones episodes or scenes but I am sure this will still change considering the upcoming episodes.


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