Where to Eat in Binondo

Most chinoys give much importance to food. It is part of our culture and tradition to always make sure there is enough food to eat and tummy is always happy.

No wonder why most restaurants in Binondo – Manila’s Chinatown have their own specialties.

Since most of us now is thinking what to eat for lunch, let me share some of the all-time favorites and my personal favorite food within Binondo.

Wai Ying Fast Food for Congee, Pork Asado or simply Lemon Coke

Diao Eng Chay for Pork Kikiam and Ube Juice

Shin Ton Yon for Pork Asado

Tasty Dumplings for Pork Chop Rice or Dumpling Rice

Country Chicken for Roasted Chicken

Eng Bee Tin for Hopia and Tikoy

Lord Stow’s Bakery for Egg Tart

Masuki for Noodles and Siopao

Shanghai Fried Siopao for Fried Siopao

Chuan Kee for Kiampong

Ilang Ilang for Camaron Rebusado

⁃ “Estero” for Fried Frog

⁃ Sincerity for Roasted Chicken

Wan Kee Bakery for Almond Cake

Aside from these food, one thing I miss in Binondo is Shopper’s Mart. Well, there is nothing special in this grocery store but I used to buy chips there when I was younger.

Aside from my friends in Binondo, these are the places I miss going to.


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