Binge Watching?

Most people knows that I don’t like watching local television shows.  No offensement but I really find most of their contents very shallow. Nothing new, nothing significant, nothing creative!


Most of my time is spent with Netflix but I don’t just box myself with Netflix because there are alot good series especially on ABC.


I just want to share some of the foreign series I love to watch. 


Breaking Bad

Walter White, a chemistry professor turned drug manufacturer to finance his cancer.



Olivia Pope, DC’s top fixer and a gladiator“, just call her name and consider it done.


How To Get Away With Murder

Annalise Keating, a lawyer and a professor, fixed the problem of her 5 interns.



Oliver Queen, a billionaire’s son was reported dead years ago but returned home alive with one goal: to save his city but in doing so, has to be someone else, something else.



Kara Zor-el, the last Krypton, wants, just like her cousin Superman, to save the world from whoever wants to harm it.


The Flash

Barry Allen, a forensic scientist exposed to particle accelator, was able to gain a super power to move fast.


Once Upon A Time

Emma Swan, the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, discovers that fairtales are real and they are all trapped in a spell.


Designated Survivor

Tom Kirkman, the lowest cabinet official, became the President of USA after a devastating attack at The Capitol.


Madam Secretary

Elizabeth McCord, former CIA agent, asked by the President to be the Secretary of State after the death of her successor.


Black Mirror

4 seasons of all stand-alone episodes that are all technologically-disturbing.


13 Reasons Why

Hannah Baker, a typical high school girl, took her own life because of bullying.


The End Of The Fucking World

James and Alyssa, both “disturbed” teenagers, left their homes for an adventure of their life.


Santa Clarita Diet

Shiela Hammod, an realtor, mysteriously had a unique diet plan.


Legends of Tomorrow

Sarah Lance, a well-trained assassin, led a team of “legends” for a time travel.



Harvey Spector, a top lawyer and negotiator, hires a fraud lawyer.


Game of Thrones

7 Kingdoms, 1 Iron Throne: who will sit? Whose house will stand until the end?



Pablo Escobar, a real-life Colombian top drug kingpin, has been hunted down by law enforcers.



Archie Andrews, a teenage guy, faces various problems in his hometown.



Clary Fray, a human-angel hybrid, hunts down demons and other underworld creatures.



Fallon Carrington, the billionaires daughter, is expected to be the next CEO until his father marries a younger clever woman.



James Gordon, a rising police officer, aiming to protect his city from all its corrupt entities.


Better Call Saul

Jimmy McGill, a small-time lawyer, struggles to make a name for himself.


House of Cards

Frank Underwood, a ruthless congressman from South Carolina, became President of the United States by manipulating every circumstances ahead.


Mr. Robot

Elliot Anderson, a tech genious, orchistrated the world’s biggest and worst cyberattack.



Spartacus, the bravest gladiator, is willing to kill and be killed in the colesium.



Eight strangers around the globe shares common abilities that connects themselves with one another.



Cookie Lyon, an ex-convict turned big time music producer, struggles to control her company, her family and her shady past.


The Tudor

A reallife story of King Henry VIII of England during his reign.


Altered Carbon

Takeshi Kovacs, died 300 years ago, finds himself in a new body on the present day.


The Crown

The highlights important events on the reign of Queen Elizabeth of England.


Stranger Things

Joyce Byers, a mom who lost his son, launched an extensive scientific investigation to find her missing boy.


Lost in Space

Maureen Robinson, a top engineer, struggles to survive after her family had accident on the outer space.


Troy: Fall of a City

Helen, the most beautiful queen of Greece, fell in love with the son of other king.



Carrie Mathinson, a CIA agent assigned in Afghanistan, investigate a new threat to US security.


So here it is, please feel free to suggest more good TV shows.  I badly needed to kill some time and relax for a while.


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