Supremo Redux

Way back 2013, Philippine Stagers Foundation (PSF) presented “Bonifacio: Isang Sarzuela” aiming to educate the younger generation not just the heroism of Andres Bonifacio but the fact that he is supposed to be the first president of the Philippines and how he died in the hands of his fellow countrymen.

The objective of this musical is good, but millennials find it very serious to the point that some of them see the musical ordinary and typical.

To meet the interest of millennials, PSF brings back the life story of Andres Bonifacio and this time through “Supremo Redux.”

“Supremo Redux” introduced our Philippine hero like the superheroes we used to watch on movie or television which speaks the language of today’s generation. If you know Andres Bonifacio as the man wearing white chino with a red scarf, he is introduced as a man in breastplate armor with a cape in Supremo Redux.

The production became more interesting as some regular Stagers like Jordan Ladra, Kevin Posadas and Cherry Bagtas went back to PSF stage to portray essential characters in the production. Also, some PSF regular Stagers are also part of the cast like Adelle Ibarrientos-Lim, Chris Lim, Patrick Libao, Kenneth Sadsad, Johnrey Rivas and Jomar Bautista. Vean Olmedo had her first leading role for PSF regular season production.

The production started last July 2018 and had been staged for almost a hundred times already in various provinces. Some Stagers also received their 2018 Aliw Award nomination for this production.

For show schedule, you can visit their Facebook page @philstagers

Photo credits to Vino Oriarte Photography @vinoriartephotography

Atty. Vincent Tañada, the writer and director, plays the role of Andres Bonifacio
Vean Olmedo plays the role of Gregoria “Oryang” de Jesus
Jomar Bautista plays the role of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo and Cherry Bagtas plays the role of Hilaria Aguinaldo
Patrick Libao plays the role of Emilio Jacinto
Adelle Ibarrientos – Lim plays the role of Melchora “Tandang Sora” Aquino
Johnrey Rivas plays the role of Procopio Bonifacio
Andres and Oryang’s wedding scene with Emilio Jacinto, Emilio and Hilaria Aguinaldo
Philippine Flag Raising
Fight Scene
Final Scene



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