Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s 2019 Giving Journal

Almost all popular coffee shops offer planner or journal promo during Christmas season.  To avail this, the mechanics are simple: get a stamp, or sticker to some, each time you get a coffee throughout the promo duration.

Since last year, I decided to collect stamps from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.  For just 12 stamps, I was able to get my 2019 Giving Journal entirely for free.  Take note, they also offered double stamp promo last Dec 27 and 28, and of course, the ‘practical-me’ took advantage of the said promo.

But why chose CBTL’s 2019 Giving Journal as compared to others? Here’s why:

  • Elegant Design

Out of 4 designs, I chose the black hardbound journal with a gold design for a more sophisticated and classy look.

My 2018 and 2019 Giving Journals
  • Generous Promo Coupons

BOGO alerts almost every month!  What is BOGO? Buy One Get One!  For 12 months of 2019, enjoy free exclusive promo coupons like one coffee and get the other one entirely for free.

Promo Coupons
  • Appreciate Pinoy Creativity

Every month, the Giving Journal features artworks made by our artistic kababayans with generosity as its theme.

My favorite artworks
  • Receive to Give

Every Giving Journal claimed, CBTL donates to Real Life Foundation to support its scholars on their educational needs.



Isn’t it nice to have this Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s 2019 Giving Journals?  It’s never too late yet.  Enjoy your favorite espresso or ice blended drinks now and collect all those stamps until January 6, 2019.






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