What is your Milk Tea?

Who says that uso is limited to fashion only?  We might not see it but food, even drinks, are becoming uso as well.

Back in the days, do we still remember the pearl shake of Orbitz and Zagu?  After that, Starbucks dominates Frappes and now, we live on “milk tea era.”

Wherever you go, you will always find milk tea stores, and even Asian milk tea stores are opening a franchise in the Philippine to join the craze.

With all these milk tea stores, I listed only 3 of my favorite milk tea stores and what I usually order:

Happy Lemon


I still remember those days that I have to go to Greenhills and experience long queue just to try this.  Luckily, they eventually open a branch in Trinoma.

My favorite is Cocoa Rock Salt and Cheese, but recently I discovered Hot Cocoa Mint with Rock Salt and Cheese is way better.

Gong Cha


I usually get GC MIlk Taro with Coconut Jelly or GC Milk Wintermelon with Coconut Jelly.

Macau Imperial Tea


I tried their Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea  twice, and it is way better than Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea.

These are just my recommendation based on my taste as we have a difference in preference.  Feel free to try these and let me know your feedback.


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