It was my second time to attend Blogger’s United Bazaar. First was at last June at Whitespace in Makati with my friend Jazz, who actually invited me to go there. World Trade Center Tent is much better venue compared with Whitespace in terms of space and ventilation. They had a very limited space at Whitespace […]

‘Cruise’ on Glorietta 3

I’ll be honest on this post by saying that I have some trust issues with people selling online. Most of the time, the pictures that they post online looks very nice but seeing it in person is a different story. I don’t generalize online sellers but I just have few instances of being disappointed with […]

Season of 13th Month Pay

Few more days before Christmas and do we know what it means? Ah ehem, hello 13th month pay! Hello Christmas bonus! How are you planning to spend it? New car? New gadget? Shopping? However you want to, go ahead. At the end of the day, you worked hard for one year to earn that. You […]

Plan Your Next Stress-Free Vacation

One of our primary reasons for having a vacation is to relax and escape from our daily stress.  We just want to relax and relax and forget everything.  No stress allowed during these days. How do we really plan our vacation?  Some would suggest picking a travel agency to do the planning but for me, […]

Start planning your 2018 now!

Being organized especially when it comes to my schedule is very important in my work so I won’t miss any deadline. Ever since I started working, I have this planner to make sure everything is as scheduled and I will not miss anything behind. Most of the time, I get the planner from popular coffee […]

Seven Sundays

I wrote a blog entry before discussing my favorite Pinoy movies and I admitted there that I am not a fan of local movies. I find some of them with very shallow plot and most of them are romantic stories, which I really don’t like.   Recently I’ve been reading positive reviews about “Seven Sundays” […]