Blogging Essentials

I started blogging when I was in college. At first, it was my way of sharing experiences but as years went by, I made my page private and it became my channel to express all my negativities in life.  I don’t even know if that page is still active and online.  Well, if you can’t […]

Angels in America

It is already 2AM and I still wide awake. This is very unsual for a tito like me. Well, I just got home from Angels in America and I yes, I am still in awe. Such a magnificent show! I first heard the production, I think few months back when they announced the cast members: […]

Today is January 30…

I didn’t expect that this day would be significant to me in terms of life realizations. Well, something happened this morning and I feel the need to share it. I woke up around 4 in the morning thinking that there is an earthquake. It seems that my whole room is spinning around. As I live […]

Lunch at Scout’s Honor

I’ve been hearing about this store in Hole in the Wall in Century City Mall called Scout’s Honor but I never really have the chance to visit and try their food.  For what I’ve heard, they are popular with their cookies. Now that the Scout Honor recently open a branch in Uptown Mall, at last, […]

What is your Milk Tea?

Who says that uso is limited to fashion only?  We might not see it but food, even drinks, are becoming uso as well. Back in the days, do we still remember the pearl shake of Orbitz and Zagu?  After that, Starbucks dominates Frappes and now, we live on “milk tea era.” Wherever you go, you […]