Don’t Be Like Hannah Baker

Is there anyone who watched Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’? It is a story of Hannah Baker, a typical girl who took her own life but she left 13 cassette tapes where she narrates reasons why she commits suicide. Each tape tells a story of a particular person in her life and what they did to […]

Power of Email

Email nowadays becomes one of the most powerful means of communication. On one of the studies conducted last 2015, there are around 205 billion emails sent and received daily so imagine how powerful emails can be and how many people it reaches. Almost all of us sends and receives emails every day and let’s admit […]

No place like home…

Malabon City is a small city somewhere north of Metro Manila and is known to be a flooded area. Many people have negative impressions about this place but on contrary, this City is great and very promising. For someone like me who grew up here, I saw how Malabon emerged as a city from being […]

Is it goodbye for Cafe by the Ruins?

It really saddens me to know that one of the iconic restaurants in Baguio City was burned last Saturday afternoon. Accourding to news, only patrial was burned but I don’t know if they will still operate. Cafe by the Ruins’ structure is made up of light native materials like bamboo that gives the restaurant a […]

Cake Draft Cafe

I’ve been seeing this cafe in Instagram posts few months already but at first, I did not intended to visit since its location is not so accessible from mine. But when I was at Antipolo City yesterday, I saw the store along the street so I decided to visit and try. We came almost 9PM […]

Scandal’s Mercy

Your heart will pound very hard while watching this episode of Scandal. I can say that this is one of the most stressful episodes they ever had. Started with Liv and Fitz on the bed and how a situation emerged at the White House in order for them to make a plan to handle Peus. […]