Lunch at Scout’s Honor

I’ve been hearing about this store in Hole in the Wall in Century City Mall called Scout’s Honor but I never really have the chance to visit and try their food.  For what I’ve heard, they are popular with their cookies. Now that the Scout Honor recently open a branch in Uptown Mall, at last, […]

What is your Milk Tea?

Who says that uso is limited to fashion only?  We might not see it but food, even drinks, are becoming uso as well. Back in the days, do we still remember the pearl shake of Orbitz and Zagu?  After that, Starbucks dominates Frappes and now, we live on “milk tea era.” Wherever you go, you […]

Where to Eat in Binondo

Most chinoys give much importance to food. It is part of our culture and tradition to always make sure there is enough food to eat and tummy is always happy. No wonder why most restaurants in Binondo – Manila’s Chinatown have their own specialties. Since most of us now is thinking what to eat for […]

How cheese lover are you?

Are you a cheese lover? Before answering that question, make sure to ask your self twice. We found this restaurant Melt Grilled Cheesery in Uptown Bonifacio and their menu is really for cheese lovers. Basically, everything has cheese on it. We tried their Shrimp Gnocchi – roasted potato dumpling in tomato cream sauce and the […]

Starbucks’ New “Instagram-able” Coffee

I was browsing on Instagram when one of my friend posted this unique two-toned coffee from Starbucks. Since I am not familiar, I asked him what it is so that I can try it myself. Cold Foam Iced Espresso The coffee is kinda strong and bitter for me. Sorry but I have to add sugar […]

Want a free Steak and Cheese Panini?

I was kinda sleepy this afternoon so I decided to get a coffee at Tim Hortons. The queue in the store is quite unusual but since I love their coffee, I didn’t mind to wait. When its my turn at the counter, the staff asked me if I am aware of their promo and even […]