Rico in Manila

One of Cebu’s pride Rico’s Lechon will now have a branch in Fort Strips in Bonifacio Global City.  No need to fly all the way to Cebu City to satisfy your cravings for either their Original Lechon or Spicy Lechon.  The store will tentatively open this July 2018. This is indeed good news for all […]

Citizen Jake’s Baguio

I admit that I’m never a fan of local movies. Sad to say, I find many local movies shallowas if they are doing a movie for the sake of having it. I’ve been hearing this Citizen Jake for some time. If I’m not mistaken, it was supposed to be an entry to MMFF but did […]

5 reasons to be back in SINGAPORE

Most of my friends know how much I love Singapore and I think many people who has been there will understand me: how clean the country is, how convenient their mass transport system or how safe to walk their streets. Many Filipino professionals also works there so somehow, there is this sense of being home. […]

Plan Your Next Stress-Free Vacation

One of our primary reasons for having a vacation is to relax and escape from our daily stress.  We just want to relax and relax and forget everything.  No stress allowed during these days. How do we really plan our vacation?  Some would suggest picking a travel agency to do the planning but for me, […]

Tips for More Enjoyable Airport Experience

Are you a frequent traveler? Do you usually ride a plane? If yes, sadly, this is not for you. This blog is for the people who are not much familiar with procedures inside the airport. For those who are first time inside an airport, security procedures and the process may be a little bit confusing. […]

The Hybrid Bus

For the longest time, I’ve been seeing this hybrid bus in Makati going to C5 but I never had a chance to try this since I don’t usually go in that area. They say it is way better than the typical bus in Edsa. But now that I transfer to a new place, a hybrid […]

Grab-Uber or Uber-Grab

We all have our own stories about commuting in Manila. Some may be good but some are not so good. Most mass transportation is ineffective or major roads are always congested with traffic. You will come to the point that commuting itself is the most challenging part of your day. This situation triggers the booming […]