Plan Your Next Stress-Free Vacation

One of our primary reasons for having a vacation is to relax and escape from our daily stress.  We just want to relax and relax and forget everything.  No stress allowed during these days. How do we really plan our vacation?  Some would suggest picking a travel agency to do the planning but for me, […]

Tips for More Enjoyable Airport Experience

Are you a frequent traveler? Do you usually ride a plane? If yes, sadly, this is not for you. This blog is for the people who are not much familiar with procedures inside the airport. For those who are first time inside an airport, security procedures and the process may be a little bit confusing. […]

The Hybrid Bus

For the longest time, I’ve been seeing this hybrid bus in Makati going to C5 but I never had a chance to try this since I don’t usually go in that area. They say it is way better than the typical bus in Edsa. But now that I transfer to a new place, a hybrid […]

Grab-Uber or Uber-Grab

We all have our own stories about commuting in Manila. Some may be good but some are not so good. Most mass transportation is ineffective or major roads are always congested with traffic. You will come to the point that commuting itself is the most challenging part of your day. This situation triggers the booming […]

Is it goodbye for Cafe by the Ruins?

It really saddens me to know that one of the iconic restaurants in Baguio City was burned last Saturday afternoon. Accourding to news, only patrial was burned but I don’t know if they will still operate. Cafe by the Ruins’ structure is made up of light native materials like bamboo that gives the restaurant a […]

Cake Draft Cafe

I’ve been seeing this cafe in Instagram posts few months already but at first, I did not intended to visit since its location is not so accessible from mine. But when I was at Antipolo City yesterday, I saw the store along the street so I decided to visit and try. We came almost 9PM […]