The Blanket Project

As of company’s 23 anniversary celebration, Empire East, a top real estate company behind high-end developments on key locations in Metro Manila recently relaunched Empire East Cares aiming to collect mats and blankets for our brothers and sisters affected by Marawi Seige through “The Blanket Project.”  Empire East Cares, one of the Empire East’ Corporate […]

Pond’s Men Energy Charge

Have you felt the feeling that you are not totally confident about yourself? Let’s admit that sometimes our physical appearance is a big factor in boosting our self-confidence. If we think we look good, we are confident enough to do anything we want to do. For someone like me who is in the corporate world, […]

Vertis North

It is undeniable that there are so many developments are happening now in Quezon City and they want a certain area to be the next Bonifacio Global City. Of course, we are very excited about these. Imagine, you don’t need to travel for a couple of hours just to be Bonifacio High Street. Instead, they […]


Manila is known for its humid weather. Temperature is very hot especially on the afternoon. There are times that you start to sweat even if you just finished your shower. Crazy isn’t it? That is how hot Manila is. So in oder to survive this kind of weather, I got two tips for you: wear […]

Grab-Uber or Uber-Grab

We all have our own stories about commuting in Manila. Some may be good but some are not so good. Most mass transportation is ineffective or major roads are always congested with traffic. You will come to the point that commuting itself is the most challenging part of your day. This situation triggers the booming […]

Don’t Be Like Hannah Baker

Is there anyone who watched Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’? It is a story of Hannah Baker, a typical girl who took her own life but she left 13 cassette tapes where she narrates reasons why she commits suicide. Each tape tells a story of a particular person in her life and what they did to […]

Power of Email

Email nowadays becomes one of the most powerful means of communication. On one of the studies conducted last 2015, there are around 205 billion emails sent and received daily so imagine how powerful emails can be and how many people it reaches. Almost all of us sends and receives emails every day and let’s admit […]